Chew Valley Challenge 2013

The 2013 Chew Valley Challenge

In association with the Crag Station & Greenfield Bakery

Team Members: _________________________________________________________________

This is intended to be a fun activity. Hopefully you will enjoy the competitive spirit of the day, but whatever
you choose to do – KEEP SAFE. Please note that SOLO ASCENTS DON’T COUNT.

Teams start between 0930 and 1030 from the Crag Station. Get back to the finishing line (tbc on the day)
within 8 hours of setting off or your score will dwindle away. Then across the road to the King William for post
match analysis

SCORING: You score points for how many routes you do and how hard they are, and/or how many places you
visit. In addition there are handicaps to challenge the unreasonably talented, and bonus points to grab. You can
use any method of transport to get around as long as no motor/engine is involved. Solo competitors and GPS
users would not be acting in the spirit of the day. The general rule is to operate in twos; however canine
athletes cannot be counted as half of a pair. Teams can include children and the elderly. Whatever happens, you
must stick together and can only count a score when all team members have done/visited things.

Keep your own score!

There are no penalties for cheating apart from a lifetime of agonising guilt.

However, if you are caught cheating your score will be adjusted by any factor necessary to ensure oblivion, and
you will face an eternity of shame.



Mod = 3; Diff = 4; V.Diff = 7; Severe = 10; H. Severe = 12; VS = 15; HVS = 20; XS = 24

Only routes in Over the Moors count, and any listed as having more than one pitch score double points.
Anyone found in possession of a Rockfax Western Grit will have 50 points deducted. Routes listed as being
less than 7 metres score half points.


(There will be a multiplier if crags are wet)

If NO member of your team, this year, has led above: HVS, add 10%

VS, add 25%

H. Severe, add 50%

V Diff, double your score.

Climbing Points Claimed: ________


(“Visit” means actually touching them, but in a non sexual manner.)

Alderman Rocks (016046) = 8; Standing Stones (039053) = 8; Upperwood = 8; Running Hill Pits = 9;
Dovestones Edge (027039) = 3; Dovestones Quarries (024038) = 6; Duck Stones = 4; Charnel Stones (027027)
= 3; Rob’s Rocks (030018) = 3; Wilderness Rocks (028016) = 6; Wimberry Rocks (017024) = 8; Ravenstones
(035048) = 10; Middle Edge Rocks = 7; Lower Standing Stones = 5.

Crag Points Claimed: ________

3. FURTHER AFIELD: The ‘Explorer’ series of OS “Dark Peak” 1:25,000 Maps might help.

Laddow (057011) = 15; Crowden Castles (063023) = 15; Lad’s Leap (052998) = 10;
Black Hill Summit (078047) = 15; Holme Moss Aerial (095040) (circumnavigate, no need to climb it.) = 15; Pond
on Westend Moss (082019) = 15; Alphin Pike Trig Point (003028) = 15; Oven Stones (013051) = 5; Sugar Loaf
(015055) = 5; Broadstone Hill Trig point (021069) = 15.

4. ESOTERICA: The Spanner in Running Hill Pits (018075) (eyeball it only) = 15; Obelisk at Pots and Pans
Quarry (010052) = 10; Bramley’s Cot (026035) = 10; The Dovestone (or ‘Duckstone’) (027033) = 5; Fox Stone
(025037) = 5; Dovestone Death Slide (no descent necessary, just eyeball it) = 5

Places Visited Points Claimed: _________

Sections 2 and 3 only – If you wear proper “walking boots” all day (except on any rock climb you might do):-
Multiply your scores (sections 2 and 3) by 1.5

Crags & Places Visited Points Claimed: ______

(a) Do at least one route on each of any seven crags listed in Section 2 = +20
(b) Do routes on Standing Stones, Laddow and Wimberry = treble route scores on all three crags.
(c) Purchase items from Greenfield Bakery: pies = 2 pts, any other goods (incl coffee) = 1 pt (max of 10pts)

Total Bonus Points Claimed: ______

(a) Failure to return within 8 hours: – Deduct five points per minute late!
(b) Moaning about any imagined unfairness in the scoring system:- minus 50. Penalty Points: ______

Total: Climbing + Crags and Places Visited + Bonus Points – Penalty Points: _______

And now – The Final Twist! (Promoted by “Sure Start” and “Help the Aged”)

If ANY member of your team is: 65-69 yrs old Add 5%

70-74 yrs old Add 10%

75 yrs old Add 15%

Over 75 years Add 20%

If ANY member of your team is: 16 – 18 yrs old Add 5%

12 – 15 yrs old Add 10%

11 yrs or under Add 15%

(a) The judge’s decision is final!

(b) Bribery of children to get them to do stuff is acceptable, but they must not be mistreated!

(c) Under 11′s do not have to do all the climbs, but ‘Final Twist’ bonus points then only count on places visited
and climbs they do.

(d) The elderly may be mocked but only in a gentle, respectful manner.